• Youth Leadership Union

  • Mission:
    The mission of Youth Leadership Union is to develop the knowledge and leadership skills of young people in Union County so they may confidently become our leaders of tomorrow.  Participation in Youth Leadership Union will demonstrate that in this changing and growing community, a group of people working together, rather than individually, can be effective in solving the problems the community faces.

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  • The young men and women selected to participate in Youth Leadership Union must attend school in Union County and/or live in Union County.  They must demonstrate outstanding qualities as potential leaders and have the desire to effect change in their community.  Participants will be selected primarily based on information provided in the written application and secondarily by information provided by teachers and their personal reference.  During the review of applications, we will also review applicant's academic achievements and responsibilities, working after school, and participation in school functions and organizations.

    Participants will develop a sense of community and will discover the impact of teamwork upon their peers, their schools, and Union County.

    Selection Guidelines

    • Applicant must be a 10th-11th grade student living in Union County who attends public or private school or is being home schooled.
    • Applicant must demonstrate an involved lifestyle in any of the following areas: business, community, civic, church, or extra curricular activities.  They should be able to demonstrate honesty, integrity, dependability, with a concern for others.
    • Applicants must exhibit a concern for the welfare of their school and community.
    • Selection will be based upon answers provided in the written application as well as a face-to-face interview with the selection committee. This committee will look at academic achievement and active participation in school functions, membership in organizations, and work ethics.
    • Candidates must complete the entire application.
    • Applicant must be academically eligible for participation.
    • References may be checked on all applicants.
    • Participants must attend all the session.