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  • Winter Activities

  • Winter is the perfect time to visit the North Georgia mountains and experience the beauty of Blairsville-Union County. Cold temperatures make for perfect time to cozy up by a fire, try some winter outdoor activities, taste some of the local spirits and dining options, or relax at a spa. 

    Check out the Winter Itinerary to get some ideas for your mountain getaway!

  • Things To Do:

  • Ice Climbing

    Blairsville has one of the few ice climbing locations in the state of Georgia. Experienced and beginning climbers are welcome! Learn more about locations and conditions here.

  • Moonshine Tour

    Blairsville-Union County is home to Grandaddy Mimms, a unique moonshine distillery with deep roots in the history of the area. Schedule a tour to learn about the company's story and sample a little moonshine!

  • Spas

    Relax and unwind with a spa day at one of the fantastic spas in Blairsville-Union County! Paradise Hills and Brasstown Valley are two of the best in the area.

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  • Winter Hikes

    It may be cold outside, but there are still plenty of options for hiking during the cold months. Take the easy routes through our picturesque Meeks Park or choose a hardcore trail that traverses streams, scales mountains and descends into deep gorges. The most famous trail in the area is the Appalachian trail. Accessible from several locations within Union County, the AT winds 80 miles through the Chattahoochee National Forest.

  • Comfort Foods

    There are plenty of places to warm up with some southern comfort foods in Blairsville. The Sawmill Place, Cooks Country Kitchen, Hole in the Wall, Nates, Steve's Steakhouse, and Blairsville Restaurant are just a few of the restaurants in the area that specialize in southern cuisine.

  • Geocaching

    Looking for an outdoor activity that the whole family can enjoy? Geocaching is a great way to explore North Georgia, including the areas you might have overlooked. There are trails all over Georgia, including Blairsville’s own Vogel State Park. For an outdoor activity with lots of family fun, geocaching can’t be beat.