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  • Is it your dream to own your own business? Not sure where to start? Being an entrepreneur can be exciting and rewarding, but there is a lot to consider. There’s a lot more to starting your own business than simply “being your own boss.” In Blairsville-Union County, we want your business to grow and thrive, and we’re here for you from the ground up. From business plans and permits to real estate and ribbon cutting, we are here to help you get up and running.

  • "Our Chamber is very active in helping small businesses grow, they are a huge asset to any business."

    Sharon E. Penner, Origami Owl
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  • The Business of Your Dreams
    Three years ago a young mother of four, while home schooling her children on botany, assigned them to distribute a significant amount of wildflower seed on the empty lot next door. The experiment that began as a learning experience has developed into a lucrative business...

  • The Business of Making Memories

    We were nine adults, sitting around the backyard fire pit, drinking real hot cocoa topped with fluffy marshmallows. As the late autumn breeze became chillier, the hostess left us to rustle up blankets for each of her guests...

  • Creating Fiction and Converting it to Reality

    So, let’s take your business that you’ve been envisaging, and let’s write its story. It will be fiction, but based on how you imagine it...

  • In Business With Your Kids

    Lots of aspiring entrepreneurs come in pint size packages. Children have ideas about building a better mousetrap, and as adults, we have a tendency to pat them on the head and remark about the cleverness of their idea. What would happen if you explored that idea with your child?

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    Union County Development Authority, Mitch Griggs

    mitch@ucda.net - 706-745-4500


    Blairsville Downtown Development Authority, Darren Harper

    manager@downtownblairsville.com - 706-347-3503