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    We all know this feeling.  Bulging garbage bags filled with discarded wrapping and ribbons from the holidays litter the floor of our garages while toy bins and closets strain under the weight of new gifts squeezed in with the old.  Post-Christmas, we know it is time to purge, but how in the world do we get started?  For some, the task can be daunting, and for others it is so overwhelming they simply do not get to it at all.  In fact, according to thesimplicityhabit.com, 1 in 10 Americans rent a storage unit, and of those, 67 % live in a single family dwelling with a garage!  1 in 4 Americans has no room to park in their garage, and “removing junk” was the top answer for how people could like their garage more.  Just over half of all Americans say they are overwhelmed by the amount of clutter they have, and 78% of Americans say they have no idea what to do with their clutter.Clearly, we need help.  Below find expert tips from Blairsville's organizational guru, Scarlett Tyler, owner of Mountaintop Organization.
    Step 1.  PURGE
    When it comes to organizing, Tyler recommends purging unneeded, clutter-causing items you have been holding onto. By eliminating these items, stress is reduced since you no longer must deal with the excess, thereby giving you back time and often saving money. After the excess items are removed, a new organizational system is essential for continued success.  Look for a system that will fit with your daily life helping prevent overwhelm by keeping you clutter-free and organized.  Most often, Tyler finds people need to purge their garage/basement which becomes a dumping ground for storing more than what people truly need or use.  This can become overwhelming, and experts like Tyler offer free consultations and custom designs for clients.  People tend to find their closet the most challenging of all to purge, and Tyler recommends you be ruthless.  Keep only what fits and makes you feel great.  Why keep anything else when someone in need could benefit?
    Step 2.  DECANT
    Another of Tyler's techniques for maximizing space is teaching folks to decant their items. Decanting is the process of planning what you need in terms of storage based on the space you have and then removing all items from their less effective containers and placing them into a more functional, manageable system. Once items are stored in a working container system, a functional labeling approach is a must.  This allows for easy location of items.  When items are easy to find, they are easy to return to their home.  This technique can be applied to all areas of your home, from seasonal items, the pantry, garage, basement.  Most often, the kitchen needs decanting more than anywhere else in the home.  By decanting the kitchen, you can consolidate all 5 jars of nutmeg, and the three random bags of flour into single containers making your kitchen more functional. Lucky for Blairsvillians, Tyler's shop offers surprisingly workable and affordable decanting containers and custom labels making this process simple and fun.
    One of the biggest struggles that people face is seasonal organization. Everyone knows that switching your seasonal clothing and supplies out for next season’s items can be a giant stress.  Organizational experts are underutilized in this specific area.  From teaching folks how to unpack new seasonal items to step-by-step pack-up instructions for last season’s items, the knowledge of an expert is invaluable.  Tyler teaches people how to professionally fold and organize bulky, winter items including blankets (click here for Scarlett's pocket-folding technique), sweaters, and even holiday decorations for long term storage.  Taking time to invest in a professional approach at the front end will allow for ease of future transitions effectively removing the hassle of sorting through seasonal clutter next year.  Tyler recommends taking a serious look at Christmas items when you take them down.  Decide what you love and want to see again next year.  Put those items away in labeled, uniform storage containers, and send the rest to Habitat Restore where someone else will benefit. 
    Scarlett Tyler is the North Georgia Mountain’s own Marie Kondo.  Owner of Mountaintop Organization in Blairsville, GA. Scarlett has over five years experience in professional organization and offers free consultations as well as in person services.  Mountaintop Organization specializes in organizational solutions for home and business and is known for taking time to get to know clients before beginning work on their space. Tyler seeks to solve immediate storage solutions while striving to set up long-term systems that will help her clients stay organized.


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