• A Guide to Georgia Mountain Holiday Centerpieces


    Bare trees, once ablaze with rustic reds and orange, quiet after their fall fanfare, and a new crispness fills our Union County mountains.  Moving into the 2020 holiday season, winter holds its own unique beauty. The landscape may lack the intensity of fall, but it invites us inside to enjoy the warmth of the holiday table. Colder months present perfect opportunities for sipping ciders and egg nogs while drinking in conversation with family and friends after a day of hiking trails and crunching leaves. Anticipating these gatherings, thoughts of tables set with the beauty of the landscape fill my imagination. Scouring the town, I found ideas for holiday centerpieces to take any table from drab to delicious.
    When thinking of table settings a little may go a long way, but don’t be afraid to go large with your centerpiece. Rountree's Furniture and Home Decor prepares one Thanksgiving tablescape using an oversized wooden lantern paired with turkey “carvings” reminiscent of our favorite holiday fowl. The neutral
    hues illustrate how using wood grains and textured surfaces infuse even a colorless pallet with interest. Their treatment of a pumpkin tureen atop bittersweet berries makes yet another striking centerpiece for any fall table. (Pro Tip: Head outdoors for vines with drying berries or branches with crimson dogwoods to achieve this look.)
    Repurposing containers in non-traditional ways offers additional options for your holiday setting. Mountain Top Furniture serves up an oversized whitewashed dough bowl with cotton spray for the rustic dining experience with just a hint of simple southern charm. Dark apricot blossoms cascading from a rustic galvanized bowl again typify Mountain Top’s designers’ uncomplicated use of unusual containers.
    (Pro Tip: Think outside the box when it comes to containers, even heading out to your garden shed for oversized, rustic options like a large, weathered planter.)  Jerry's Mountain House fall centerpiece has a similar vibe pairing copper trough with autumn blooms. If antiques are more your thing, Victoria’s Antiques and More offers many options for your Thanksgiving or Christmas table including the creative use of a generously sized gourd which one vendor filled with dried florals or a wooden tray vignette of ornaments and small, lit tree.  (Pro Tip: Don't be afraid to combine natural elements, like an acorn or butternut squash with smaller, ornate antiques.) Home Werks’ Kim Seikmann features her non-traditional twist in a holiday centerpiece that includes a scarecrow ornament among hot pink carnations showing us that bright colors are not off the table.  (Pro Tip: Non traditional colors work well when added as a pop in a more neutral, traditional home.)

    For the traditionalist, Sunflowers on the Square masters in the art of the more classic table setting. Fearlessly placing a tinseled tree at its center, owner PJ dotts her tablescape with twinkling lights reflected in crystal glasses. Her bold addition of red, white and gold place settings or generous use of paperwhites paired with flaming amaryllis creates a show-stopper. (Pro Tip: Use a traditional decorative element like a Christmas tree in a non-traditional way, such as a centerpiece or pumpkins as a serving bowl or platter.) More traditional options abound at Sugar Magnolia Gifts and Interiors where you will be reminded to layer more than your holiday clothing. Her use of feather as texture against the smooth patina of wood develops multiple levels of interest while the rich burnt orange warms the neutral pallet. (Pro Tip: Splurge on a natural element from one of these shops and add your own container and fruit to finish the look.) Truly a feast for the eyes, Sugar Magnolia offers all you need for creating the perfect holiday arrangement. 

    WithThanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, there’s no better place to satisfy your decorative senses than Blairsville-Union County. Treat yourself and your family to a tablescape homegrown in this mountain community. Indoors or out, you’ll find nothing more appetizing.

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