• Feels Like Home

    Life takes us all over the world, but when you need to be reminded what it feels like to be home, stop by and stay a while. Here you'll find tours of the north Georgia mountains, tastes of our tempting local fare, visits to Appalachian artists, writers, and craftsman. You'll discover hidden hiking trails and waterfalls as well as walk through wineries, shop our local merchants, and spend a day at the spa with us. Whether you are a life-time resident or a city dweller looking for a day-trip to the country, we know you will love learning about our haven in the mountains where it always Feels Like Home.

    This fall finds many of us yet again choosing the socially distant option of educating our children from home. For a nation accustomed to 8 hours a day outside of the home; this predicament leaves many of us with a touch of cabin fever. Enter Road Schooling. Different from homeschooling, road schooling offers the opportunity to leave the comfort of couch and kitchen in search of new adventures. Road schooling means growing memories and an education, leaving the city and hitting the highway. If the open

    My early memories take me to the dusty patch of dirt and field off Smyrna Road where my mom taught me to pull wayward weeds from rows of green beans and potatoes. When we were old enough to pick what was ripe, my sisters and I would work alongside mom filling Hefty garbage bags and buckets full of bush beans. We hardly had to come in for lunch since we could just snack our way through the garden. Our vegetables were fresh and full of flavor. An afternoon in the garden was always an adventure. I remember