Helpful Information

Welcome new residents!  We're glad you decided to relocate to the Blairsville-Union County area.  To help make your transition easier, here is a listing of our local contact numbers and websites.


Blue Ridge Mountain EMC 706-379-3121
Water Authority - City of Blairsville 706-745-2000
Water Authority - Coosa 706-745-6773
Water Authority - Notla 706-745-4598
Windstream 800-251-6412



Better Business Bureau 404-766-0875
Blairsville City Hall 706-745-2000
Blairsville Municipal Airport 706-745-4307
Board of Education 706-745-2322
Dept. of Family & Children's Serv 706-781-2381
Dept. of Veteran's Serv 706-745-6341
Downtown Development Authority 706-994-4837
Health Dept 706-745-6292
Post Office - Blairsville 706-745-2541
Post Office - Suches 706-747-2611
Union County Commissioners Office 706-439-6000
Union County Development Authority 706-745-4500
Union County Schools 706-745-2322
Union County Transportation 706-439-6050
US Forest Service 706-745-6928


Other Helpful Numbers

Burn Permit 706-781-2398
GA Mountain Research & Education Center 706-745-2655
Humane Society 706-781-3843
Library - Union County Public 706-745-7491
Lifelong Learning Center 706-781-6342
Mountain Education Center 706-745-9575
Union County Historical Society 706-745-5493
Union General Hospital 706-745-2111
Woody Gap School/Suches 706-747-2401


All Emergencies

E-911 Center 706-439-6038
City of Blairsville Police 706-835-1692
County Sheriff's Department 706-439-6066
Poison Control 800-282-5846



The Blairsville-Union County area is serviced by the Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation.  You can contact them at 706-379-3121 or for further information visit their

Water and Sewer
The City of Blairsville has a public water and sewer system within the city limits.  The Blairsville Water Department can be reached through City Hall.
Union County has two water districts, Coosa Water and Notla water.  Not all areas of the county are serviced by these water providers.  Private wells and septic tanks require a permit and can be obtained through the Union County Environmental Health Department.

City of Blairsville Water 706-745-2000
U.C. Environmental Health Dept. 706-781-3824
Coosa Water 706-745-6773
Notla Water 706-745-4598


Telephone and Cable Television

The telephone and cable service for the Union County area is provided by Windstream.  They can be contacted at 706-781-3717 or toll-free 800-501-1754.  There are also several cell phone and satellite providers in the county.

Drivers License

Union County has a driver's license facility located at 149 Chase Drive in Blairsville.  Operating hours are from 8:00am-6:00pm Thursday-Friday.  You can contact them at 706-781-2426.  Available services include issuing and renewing licenses, automobile and motorcycle testing and providing photo identification.

LP Gas
Union County does not have a natural gas provider.  There are several LP gas providers in the county.

Trash Service
Union County has a Transfer and Recycling Station located on Deep South Farm Road.  For hours of operation and other information call 706-439-6102.  Private companies are available for trash pick up for a monthly fee.

Tax Information
Union County has the third lowest property rate in the state.  The most current tax rate information is available from the county's website

Sales Tax: Union County sales tax is currently 7%.  This consists of the 4% state tax and 3% county tax which includes a special purpose local option sales tax (SPLOST).

State Income Tax:  Rates range from 1%-6% of taxable income.  Income and deductions generally follow Federal regulations.  For more information, call the Tax Commissioner's Office at 706-639-6018.

Property Tax: Property tax is assessed at 40% of fair market value.  Property taxes are payable at the Union County Courthouse.  Blairsville City taxes can be paid at City Hall.

Union County Property taxes assessed in 2012

Union County Millage Rate: 5.410
School Millage Rate: 11.798
Total: 17.208


Census Statistics

The U.S. Census Bureau's 2010 population estimate for Union County was 21,356, 5% of which are minorities.  This is a 23.5% increase over the 2000 census for the area.  Seventy nine percent of families in the county own their homes and median value of homes in the area is $183,600.

Union County ranges in elevation from 1,600 ft. to 4,784 ft. above sea level.  Because of its unique topography, the county offers residents four distinct seasons.  Winters are generally mild, with an occasional dusting of snow.  The average annual snowfall is 3 inches.  Spring brings new life to the mountains in the form of vibrant yellow-green leaves and many colorful wildflowers.  Summers are mostly comfortable, with cool evenings.  Autumns bring vibrant colorful changes in the leaves, making this area one of the most popular for leaf-watching.  The county's average annual rainfall is 65 inches.